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About Us

Experts in designing and manufacturing of plastic dies and injection molds.

One of the few plants in Israel combining product development with manufacturing.

Linking Technological Expertise with Human Skills

Steelplast offers a wide spectrum of services that complement each other and result in a broad-based capability that enable the company to effectively address the entire process chain from engineering guidance and planning to mold fabrication and injection. Steelplast takes pride in its strong ties with customers. Via these long-standing professional links and personal contacts the company provides service of the highest level that answer the needs of the every customer.

Where Strength and Achievement Converge

The ability to react quickly to market demands has been one of the major factors in the Steelplast’s growth. Operating 24 hours a day and with consistently expanding services and production, the company is recognized as a prime supplier to major sectors such as biotechnology, advanced technology, communications, computers and more.


Steelplast is an approved military establishment enterprise carrying ISO 9002 certification from Israel Standards Institution. Steelplast is also authorized by a high proportion of its customers to supply parts for STS production.

Steelplast is committed to constantly updating equipment and production lines in all departments.

Steelplast customers include:

Elbit, Rad, Rit, Tadiran Com, Tadiran Batteries, Tadiran Consumer Products, Etrog, Motorola, Avaya, Given, ECI, Invitrogen, Card-Guard, Friendly Robotics, Keter Plast, Polymers Logistic, Crystal, Hydro.